Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Jett Has Landed

At around 8 am yesterday we left the house, and after making a short stop off at the beauty salon where Victoria had her hair freshly styled, we proceeded to Woman's Hospital in Baton Rouge. See, you can't have a baby in the south without looking your 'beauty pageant' best. I mean, there are friends that will be visiting from out of town and there will be photo ops; lots of photo ops. Forget the other person in the photo who just came wriggling forth from the depths of the womb to confront this cold, dry and very bright world; he can worry about his scrunched face in all of the pictures later. Actually we did comb his hair a little; slicked it down good. I mean the whole thing was very text book. Very scheduled and everything we did all day was quite with purpose and deliberation. I wore my hazmat suit and took lots of pictures. I went in the surgery suite and sat at my chair near Victoria's head and held her hand. I wasn't allowed to watch much of the cesarean though; not because the doctors wouldn't let me, but because Victoria said "you're not supposed to see your wife's guts". I still watched Jett pop his head out though. I like that little sight. I saw it with Beck too. Babies coming into the world is not something you see that often. I don't like to miss much of it even if I do see some guts in the process. It was awesome. He even had a knot in his chord. Not a tight knot, but it was a real knot where he had created a loop in the chord at some stage in the pregnancy and then swam through it. Pretty wild. It looked like a big baked pretzel. He has lots of dark hair and bright pink skin. Eight pounds eleven ounces. Long feet, a skinny butt and HUGE....hands! Big barrel chest just like Becks only Jett looks more like Victoria than Beck does and he seems to be much more subdued, but that might just have been the day. Getting born is a big day no matter what car you drive to the show. Its just alot of getting pulled and yanked and rubbed and weighed. They give you a shot and stick things in your mouth and nose. They put jelly in your eyes and paint your belly button black and you get your feet stamped and then they wrap you up really tight and pass you around alot to alot of different people. It takes a couple of days to figure out who your real folks are. He seems happy to be here though. He likes to eat and he sleeps alot as long as the sun is out. Beck came with grandparents yesterday in the afternoon to meet his little man. He kissed his head when we said "kiss" and rubbed his hair when we said "rub rub" and then when we said "pat, pat" he gave him a pretty whack on the top of the head. Brothers.