Monday, September 22, 2008

8 weeks old and Beck to grow on!

Quick update...Jett is 8 weeks old and is busting out of his 3-6m clothes! Tomorrow is his 2 month check up after which we will post what I am sure will be an astronomical weight! We wonder where these big boys come from. One theory is that it comes form my grandfather on my Dad's grandfather's nickname was "fatty" as a child(he was a huge baby)and it stuck...even thought he probably never weighed more than 150lbs in his life. Jett smiles about as often as he fusses. He still only sleeps a 4-5 hour stretch at night, but then he just wakes up long enough to eat and goes right back to sleep. Beck likes to "hold" him...he says"Gom mim." I think it comes from us asking "you got him?" They are the sweetest brothers a mom could ask for!

Just a cute pic of Beck so he doesn't have issues later in life. Here was his game day attire New Orleans Saints jersey and Denver Bronco hat. Saints vs. Broncos was a big deal at our casa! We were a house divided to say the least. Wonder where his loyalties will lie when he can actually choose his own clothes!- Tori

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beck's International Beauty

Beck met Beautiful Brianna Phelps(her Mom is a Mexican hottie) in our playgroup in BR. Since looks like they have hit it off. This casual Chuck E. Cheese Bday Party (for another girl!) turned into what looks like Beck's first date. Apparently, he picked Brianna up in his fancy truck and they went for a drive. I guess her Mother approved as she was the one taking pics, but I know the Mortensen Boys well enough that I think this is a little early to be riding around in cars with girls! They are notorious Heartbreakers, although always perfect gentlemen.

Will this be my life...looking at pics of my sweet boys with beautiful exotic girls... at dances and dinner dates and dare I say it, a wedding day! Be still my heart...I better go kiss them and squeeze them now before I become the other woman in their lives!-Tori

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Great White Hunters

Ahh..the Annual Dove Hunt in Monroe. An opportunity for men age 6 weeks to 60+ years to escape the women that bug them and pretend to be literaly "bringin' home the bacon." The field of choice is the "yard" of a childhood friend of mine's big brother. Now mind you he and his wife and their 3 boys live on about 20 acres just outside of town, with a stocked pond and horses and a beautiful custom designed home complete with outdoor plasma screen tvs and of course indoor are truly set up. The "HUNTERS" arrive to a feast of duck and sausage and chicken, bread, roasted corn, cookies and an incredible chocolate sheet cake brought over by the "neighbor" who delivered it by 4-wheeler. When Ky mentioned to Brent Wilkes that he didn't bring any boots or pants to hunt in...Brent assured Ky that flip flops and shorts would be the dress code and that the hunting would be taking place on freshly cut grass especialy prepared for the day.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that they invite us (the wives and moms I mean,) even though I am pretty sure that it is just to cook, watch the kids who are too little to hold their own weapon, bring ice water out upon request and of course...take tons of pictures of them with their guns and their sons in the Louisiana September sunset!
I can say, I never saw any evidence of a dove on the ground and can't be too sure any actual hunting occured...some thing was "shot" alright and I am pretty sure it is a four letter word not polite enough for a southern lady to put on her blog!-Tori

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Boys are Back in Town

Jett got a chance to meet his buds for a playdate during "Evacuation 08." Can you believe all of these boys...from the left Rachel and Bishop(4 weeks), Holly and Boyd(5 months), Amanda and Max(4 months), Jett and Mom(5 weeks.) The girls still talk about all of the same things... boys(only smaller and balder), drinks(bottles vs. formula and various applicable quantities,) the coolest new jeans (size 3-6 months,) weight and diets(but now bigger is actualy better and eating alot is a good thing.) Good Times!-Tori

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wow. So it took me about 30 minutes to figure out how to log back into this thing to actually post a blog. So now that I'm finally here, let me waste no time in bringing everyone up to speed. We have been seeking refuge from GUSTAV for the past several days in Monroe at Victoria's mother's home. From what I hear the storm has absolutely blasted Baton Rouge and most of the city is without electricity and probably will be for a couple of weeks. LSU closed for the whole week thus far. (We should seriously get Labor Day over!) Our house is okay though, no shingles missing from what I'm told and the fact that I have been too lazy to build a fence or plant any trees has served me well. Pretty hard to blow away what you didn't have to begin with! There's a lesson for the three little pigs! Anyway, it has given me a chance to get close to the family and the in-laws. Really close. You know that whole thing about 'after 4 days you've worn out your welcome'. Well, if you stick around long enough, you wear it back in and you just basically live together and that's the way it is. The great thing is that it has given me a chance to attend a few high school football games. Northern Louisiana is like West Texas in terms of high school football and I have to admit the game is seriously elevated in these parts. To be honest, the players aren't really any bigger than your typical Sanford football team, but they move and execute plays like a BCS bowl team. Seriously, its a big deal here. Hopefully the rain will let up so they won't cancel the upcoming showdown this weekend..Rustin vs Neville. I'm already getting excited. We have Bastrop (#6 team in the nation) right down the road, and I already watched the West Monroe Rebels (ESPN highlighted them in their mini series last year) this past Saturday night. Anyway, my little boys enjoyed it immensely. Beck is a big fan of the concession stand and loves to run, throw the ball and give the mascots high fives. Anyway, I figured I needed to bring everyone up to date since I noticed I was 'ranked' number one in the listing of family on Mom's new blog...(yes girls, thats an actual ranking depending on alot of different factors but primarily it comes down to how cool you are and whether or not you still look good in a bathing suit...have fun competing for the number two spot, they don't call it the biggest loser for nothing!) Anyway try to keep up and thanks for all of the positive encouragement about keeping my blog up to date and up to speed. Speaking of speed, here is the 'bring you up to date since Jett was born blast'...Jett is now like 5 1/2 weeks and weighs about 13 pounds, he's starting to get colicky and isn't very fun from about 5 until midnight. Beck is a superstar and had a big birthday party on Sunday even though his real birthday is about three more weeks away, Victoria is losing her mind nursing a baby and putting up with me and Beck and living here at her moms for the week and I am pretty much coasting this week and trying to stay out of everyones way and last week I did that lemonade diet, only I only did it for like 5 days instead of ten because the "hurrican messed me up" but I actually lost like 8 pounds during that time and even though I look about the same, I feel alot better and I slept like an absolute baby the whole time I was doing it even though it was really irritating to just drink lemonade everyday and I think Dad should do it for 10 days and see how well it makes him sleep at night. And I think that's pretty much it and I'll try and get some pics posted soon. I've gotten alot better looking in the past month and am really anxious to prove it. I'll be right back!