Wednesday, October 15, 2008

MomMom Look!

Just had to jot this down..Beck has an obsession with the "peep holes" on the front and back doors at his Honey's. He comes and takes your hand and drags you to the door and says "look." He wants you to pick him up to look out the peep hole. Then he says "other one" which means he is board with this hole and wants to look out the back door hole. As we were on our second round of "looks" today...I asked him what he saw outside he said "birds, trees, grass, alot("of", he always omits the word "of")stuff." Now here is the kicker, he grabed the back of my head and shoved/slammed it into the door and said..."MomMom...look!" I was laughing so hard I thought I would drop him and i couldnt tell if the tears were from the laughing or the fact that my nose had just been slammed into a solid wood door by an "eager" 2 year old. I am so afraid if I don't write this stuff down I will forget it all...and that would be so sad.-Tori

Monday, October 6, 2008

"CHINOT."-Beck Mortensen

Well... we are here in Monroe what seems like a world away from Ky. I guess that is because... it is. After months of drooling over the Olympic coverage(on the new flat screen we had to buy especially for the occasion) and books and DVDs and ABC specials on China, he is finally on the plane. We took him to the airport Sunday morning. The boys did much better than I did! In fact I was the only one who cried, I think I would have been ok if he was at least remaining in the Continental US. I even let the dog sleep in bed with me last night, because I was so sad. The drive to Monroe was...a journey? 2 boys, 2 car seats, 2 backpacks, 2 kids rolling suitcases, 2 packages of extra diapers and diaper bag to put them in, my suitcase, a snack bag, the stroller, the computer bag, a 20lb bag of dog food, a "Doggie Bag" full of dog supplies and did I mention a 50+ lb Finn in the front seat all in a VW Passat. It was tight to say the least, but not too bad...this two kids thing is getting easier everyday! I admire those of you who pull this multiple kid thing off with out a hitch! We are going to try to have as much fun as possible while we are here. Yesterday, Beck got to buy an ice cream sandwich from a real ice cream truck! We have never been able to catch an ice cream truck in BR! And it was only $1...what can you get for$1 anymore! We are going to eat tons of Johnny's pizza and watch movies with friends and probably go to the Zoo and a few other special places. I felt a little sad yesterday that Ky missed getting to see beck buy ice cream from the truck and found myself wishing I had the "good camera" to capture it for him, it is just not the same without him here to share things with. That might be because he gets such a kick out of the little things like that. We will certainly miss our best friend, how come you can never totally appreciate someone untill they are across an ocean.

I agree with Beck..."Chi..not"

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rock on!

Beck's 2nd Birthday was actually Sunday, so I figured this was a perfect time to post the pics from his "Party Like a Rockstar" party a few weeks ago. We had such a wonderful time seeing his "Aunts and Uncles" and new cousins. He got too many gifts... our friends are so generous! He has particularly enjoyed the "Name" that his Aunt Jackie and Brittany got him. It is a "Magna Doodle" that we write his "NAME" on, so it has now been reassigned the title of "Name." Thanks in part to "name," Beck now has complete letter recognition. He recognizes ALL of his letters when you write them individually(out of order) and ask him "What letter is this?" He is also counting to 10 and can even count 10 items! Can you tell I am proud.

Two years old...isn't it amazing to look at them and know that you grew them yourself. I look at his little ears and think about how wild it is they formed so perfectly. I think about the big red lips that he got from his Dad and the dimples on his cheeks(AND the ones on his butt!) he got from me. As this year of my sons life came to a close, I began to wonder how he will change and what he will believe and hope that he will treat people kindly and walk with confidence. I will ask a lot from these boys, but most of all I hope they are simply seen as... gentlemen...and all that it encompasses.

I can't even keep a fern alive, and my first son is 2. What color thumb does that mean I have? ROCK ON BECK!-Tori