Monday, November 10, 2008

Duck Duck Goose!

This weekend was proclaimed "MAN WEEKEND." We picked up Dalt on Thursday night from NOLA and it was all over from there. Friday evening the "big boys" left to make the trip to Cabela's to buy overpriced green and brown items they would not wear near enough to justify the cost and then off to LaCroix, the hunting lodge that would be their stomping ground for the next few days. It was opening weekend of Duck season in Louisiana!!!!

Lots of guns and dogs, lots of "outside", lots of food with no rules about serving size, lots of football with no women begging to watch reality TV or entertainment news! A man's best friend! LaCroix is a place where great big fat cajun men serve you gumbo in a mixing bowl, card games are plentiful and showers are few and far between(by choice.) It is the only place I know where early mornings are welcome to Ky, but only because they come with the understanding that there will be an early afternoon nap.

Once again I was told that hunting did occur. I even saw a picture of a few dead ducks with the promise that they would be plucked and cleaned and mailed to us for cooking, only to remember that I recieved the same promise a year ago this time. I have yet to see a duck in my freezer, much less tasted duck empanadas or duck gumbo, but I digress. The point of hunting in the 21st century is no longer "necessity", but rather "inevitability." Men love this activity, because their instinct tells them they have to! It is no longer a chance to provide sustinance for their children, but it does seem to provide substance to the relationships with them once they are old enough to join in the festivities! The art of killing something alongside your son is a time honored tradition that, I for one, hope never fades..even if that means I am destined to be alone several weekends a year. It won't be long untill the "little boys" are right there alongside the big ones, learning to play poker and to tell exaggerated stories and I just pray they will miss their momma as much as she misses them, even though she knows they are learning the lessons that will last them a lifetime... whether they know it or not! Did I mention Dalton even killed a goose!!!!-Tori