Tuesday, November 4, 2008


October is by far my favorite month in Louisiana! I have been obsessed with it since I was a kid. The weather is amazing, as it is one of the few months one can spend more than 20 minutes or so at a time outside. Not sure if it has been an unusually hot October, or if I just sweated alot more this year because I was chasing Beck all month while carrying a "heating element that we call Jett." Either way we only had two October weekends with Ky in the country and we made good use of them. Here are pics of just a few of the wonderful "Family Days" we had. Family Days are forever a "challenge," but ALWAYS worth it. Typicaly there is one breakdown per child/per event and at least one of us parents generally breaksdown too at somepoint. I guess I am just that mom who refuses to let things slow her down, always afraid I am going to miss something! October has brought many fun accomplishments to the Louisiana Mortensens...Jett is now squealing, laughing and recognized his mom and dad and smiles SO big when he sees us. He is more vocal than Beck was, which scares me since Beck has not given us more than 2 minutes of silence in the last 6 months! Jett can not, however, role his fat butt over! No worrys, as I have decided from what I have been told that "chubby babys aren't as willing to throw their weight around." Beck blows us away everyday with new things he has come up with. He runs in our room every morning, big smile in tow, proclaiming "Good Morning." He heard Ky sing Happy Birthday to Tyanya and readily wanted to sing it to his Honey while I was on the phone with her shortly after...it only came out as Hapbuddy, Hapbuudy, but we were verry impressed. I am hoping soon he will be doing Jeslyn's rendition complete with the ChaChaCha. Not too many years ago, Octoberfest had a much different meaning in "Tori Land"(as Ky calls it), but nothing could be more worthy of celebrating than the past few weeks!

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Naticia said...

I love your pictures Ky always has to put his little artistic touch on the photos and they are so great. I just received my new camera this week and am sooo excited. There is nothing like fall. The cool air and warm sunshine!